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a SMB3 Tale II a SMB3 Tale II

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Me likes!

Even better than the first. You really stand out from all those other parodies, and that is no small thing.

One thing that I particularly loved was that Luigi didn't die! I really hate the way that he gets to die in every parody and then the big hero Mario avenges him and gets all the rewards.

Aaanyways... Nice work. Love every single thing in this movie from the voice acting (which was awesome, especially Luigi) to the songs used.

I love it!

wars of the earth wars of the earth

Rated 5 / 5 stars

toush my dik n i will not kil u.


And to chaos-the-2nd:
Man, you really hate Jerry Jackson cartoons huh? You hate them so much that you actually watched AND reviewed two of them.

You obviously are too feeble minded to grasp that this is random humor. You know? As in "don't take this seriously"?

Naw, I guess you're right, I'm certain he loves to touch dick. After all he drew himself touching one, right?

Ahh, Newgrounds is filled with intelligent and mature people! [/sarcasm]

A Phoenix Wrong Tribute 2 A Phoenix Wrong Tribute 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


When I started watching it, I thought "This is just another regular PW, right?" and it pretty much was (it was in fact pretty funny) but nothing worth noting.

Until I got to the lawyer RPG battle.

Damn! That was a really good idea. You should make a game or something. Anyways, props to this bit of the movie.(not that the rest wasn't cool) I really loved it.

Nice work!

Kitsunedai responds:

Thanks for the review.

As I put before,lawyer RPG battle was the hardest. And I would make it a game, but I dont know even where to begin on battle sequences and such.

18 & Seru 18 & Seru

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Just... Really nice! You rock! :D
I don't really have anything to say ... except that I loved it.

As for the one who posted before me...
Dude... It's hentai. Why the hell would anyone even bother to add those little details in the movie? It's like watching a porno and saying " That's not how a women would react in real life! " ... Who cares? It's a porno -_-.

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Kingdumb hearts 2 part 2 Kingdumb hearts 2 part 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Awesome... This Kingdumb Heart series is the best! Hope you make another for Kingdom Hearts 3 when it gets out.

About Sora's voice... I liked the first one much better. I think it was more fitting to the incredebly stupid personnality you gave Sora rather than this one. Now he sounds like Squall or something. Even Riku sounds stupider than Sora...

Love the movie anyways! You rock!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

okay, ill hange him back next time.
glad you liked it!

a SMB3 Tale I a SMB3 Tale I

Rated 5 / 5 stars

One of the best.

Wow, I'm really amazed! That is definitely among the best sprite movies ever!

The way you used the sprites is pretty awesome, it makes it look so natural, yet sprite-y!
I like the simple story line, it reminded of the real one and wasn't as heavy as some other great mario movies.(like, say, Power Star)
Simply loved the way the Mario Brothers used teamwork! Seeing how they seem to hate each other in almost every damn parody, it's nice to show that they really are brothers!

Though I didn't like what happened to Luigi... Hope he comes back in the sequel, cause I'm pretty much looking forward to some more Mario Bros teamwork kickass!


Super Sprite Bros Melee 2 Super Sprite Bros Melee 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Look, it was good but not great.

Gonna be honest, (and try not to piss you off, some of those reviews seems kinda ... eh) the movie could have been better.

Ok, let's start with the good stuff shall we? I liked the fact that it was in fact a real tournament. Loved the spritey goodness (and by the way, if YOU did some of those sprites... damn, good work) and the animation. (most parts)

Ow. Let's get to the bads. First of all, it seems that you wanted the puny characters or those unlikely to beat the other, to win... That should have added some suspense if you didn't do that for ALL (or so) the battles. After 3-4 battles, you just KNOW who is going to win most of the time.(take that Kirby VS Mech-thing fight, Kirby was sleeping dammit. AND he beat the crap out of the Mech thingie)

It also seemed that you had some kind of Naruto characters preference. Considering the fact that BEFORE the battle piting Sasuke against Zero, you actually put some JAPANESE text ("subtle" hint). After seeing Sasuke totally whip Zero far too easily and WITHOUT getting even hit, I just knew that Naruto would then win the next fight. And what do you know? I was right. -_-

(Don't get me wrong, I am NOT an Anti-Naruto bastard. In fact, I've read the books since #1 was out in english)

But aren't I just a whiny bitch? Yeah a little. But this flash kinda reminded me of when I was a kid. You know, when you make your action figures fight? And you only make those you actually LIKE better win, just because?

On the other hand, I loved the fight with wolverine against the other Ice thing. This one was gooood.

Uh, yeah. Just, you know, consider more the strenghts and weaknesses of the characters before deciding who'll win next time...
Because, even if we "can't do anything about it" and "you are the ones that decide", WE are your audience. Of course, you can do whatever YOU like, but if it doesn't please US just as much... you aren't gonna get a good score... (if you care that is)

Well, it's you. Kinda fun flash. The animations were great if not a little odd at times so just work on the... uh... scenarios more next time, please?

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Metal Gear Awesome Metal Gear Awesome

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This was so fucking good.

Best metal gear flash EVER. I don't think there something that's even gonna get near that funny. Awesome! (get it?)

By the way... Your imitations are damn good! They sound just like the game. Props to you, dude.

Rockman!! Next Attack Rockman!! Next Attack

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That was NICE!

The animation was smooth, the art was good, this was one heck of a flash. It seems like you could be an awesome flash artist.

One thing to say about the movie though. It was packed full of action and changed backgrounds & characters onscreen pretty often (Like a good MM intro'd be) but the music just wasn't intense enough for what was displayed. Plus, I kinda notice some almost identical scenes to the intro of MMX4... (When Roll is praying, and when MegaMan lifts up his buster in slow motion)

But I'm just being picky aren't I? Great movie! I hope that the series'll be as great. Good luck!

super marrio parodies super marrio parodies

Rated 4 / 5 stars

To marius, the guy who reviewed before me...

Dude, it was a fucking parody of someone who speaks like an ass and make stupid parodies about something that's been done a thousand times before. He intentionally speaks english like a douche.

That was so damn funny I almost peed myself off! That really rocks 'cuz there are SO many people doing this kind of shit...

Even though it was a damn crappy flash, I enjoyed it really much.
Thanks for the laugh!